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Personal Training
Personal Training services are offered at the client home or at a local fitness facility.  Workouts can be designed so minimum equipment is required for workouts in between your sessions.


A Comprehensive Fitness Assessment is completed at the start of personal training programs and repeated periodically throughout the program to document results.


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Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching is offered in individual sessions via telephone. Sessions coach clients so they can achieve a personal blueprint for well-being and the skills to implement the plan. Coaching is designed to help the client take charge of his/her own wellness and all that might entail (health behaviors, stress management, physical activity, weight management). It is geared toward harnessing strengths to overcome obstacles.




Personal Training

  •  $75 for one hour

  •  $300 for five one-hour sessions

  •  $500 for ten one-hour sessions


30-minute sessions


  •   $40 for one session

  •   $175 for five sessions

  •   $300 for ten sessions


Wellness Coaching

  •  $30 for one 30-minute session

  •  $125 for five 30-minute sessions

Fitness Assessment
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