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Italian Cuisine Class, Yum!

My sister Mary and I just completed a three week "adult enrichment" class on Italian cuisine at Carteret Community College. The class of 15 was led by Chef James Clarkson with the able assistance of Josh. We made ravioli from scratch (I am never doing that at home), received tips on risotto and Alfredo sauce, and made focaccia bread. Our efforts led up to the final dinner, advertised as the seven fishes dinner, but really seven seafoods.

Pictured above are items from last night's dinner which we made in class: shrimp fra diavolo (with added scallops, mussels, and clams), seafood salad featuring shrimp and calamari with a basil oil vinaigrette, grilled cod and vegetables, crabmeat ravioli in lobster sauce, and focaccia bread. The wine was there, just not pictured.

It was great fun, and now friends and relations get to be subjected to attempts to re-create the recipes!

I am keeping my eye out to see what is coming up in the Spring in the adult enrichment classes.


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