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Kathryn and Patricia on Burren Way

View from Burren Way

The Burren Way is a hiking road/trail that covers 114 km in northern County Clare. Part of it runs through Fanore and Kathryn and I walked about 3-4 km of the trail. We did not have a very long hike, but we looked good doing it.

Patricia on Burren Way 5 July 2018

Kathryn on Burren Way 5 July 2018

The trail offers spectacular views of Fanore as well as some "only in Ireland" experiences. There is some helpful signage, but also signs that let you know that you can go either way.

It is also important to keep the hiking trails clean. True, this trail does double as a road (not even one of the smallest variety), but it is basically a cow path. We encountered a street sweeper on the trail keeping our path neat and tidy. Note the width of the road. This section of the trail is an "R" road -- not even the narrowest variety.


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