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Make Knowledge Action

When we have challenges achieving a health/fitness related goal – eat a healthier diet, work out more often, reduce the stress we are experiencing – it is seldom the case that we lack knowledge of what would be the healthy choice. Nearly all of us know that we would be healthier, have more energy, and feel better if we ate more fruits and vegetables, ate less unhealthy fat, chose whole grain foods, exercised regularly, and practiced simple relaxation routines. The task we have is finding the way to change Knowledge into Action.

Many of us take an all-or-nothing approach. I will either make all the choices that are associated with better health or none of the choices. Perhaps it is OK to start with one, small step. What is the decision I am willing to make just for today? Today, I am willing to eat one more serving of vegetables. Today, I am willing to walk for 20 minutes. Today, I am willing to go to bed early enough so that I can get eight hours sleep.

Take the first small step.


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