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So many lakes, so little time

Lakes at Sunshine Village Meadows

After our pre-breakfast walk to the hoodoos and views of Bow River Valley, Mary and I a spent the rest of the day with a lake smorgasbord. First up were Lake Minnewanka and Lake Johnson, followed by Vermilion Lake, and ending with a ski lift trip up to Sunshine Meadow which includes three lakes.

The most interesting part of the day was the ski-lift and hike combo at Sunshine Meadow. This started with a very rocky ride up a ski trail on a rickety school bus to get the the ski lift. The ultimate elevation was about 8000 feet right about at the tree line. This was followed by a hike through the meadows with some amazing views of mountains and lakes. This area of Banff also runs along the continental divide.

The lakes all start to blend together. Is that photo Lake Louise or Lake Minnewanka?


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