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Cataract Surgery

It seems just one of those things about getting older. The parts break down and need repair or replacement. The latest for me was cataracts, with just one eye needing surgery this year. I had it completed in September.

The surgery in the end went well. But it turns out that I had an uncommon, although not rare, experience during my surgery. What happened was that I was able to see during the surgery, first a series of lights and colors, some very unexpected. I was also able to see the surgeon's hand, fingers, and the bottom of his arm. It was all just odd and anxiety provoking. If I had known to expect that this might happen, I would have handled it better. The surgeon later said he had never had a patient report that experience in nearly forty years of during surgery.

That aside, my vision improved, and I may even be able to pass the next eye exam for my driver's license without using my glasses. And I know what to expect for the second eye.


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