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My Idea of Retirement

Pat receiving her M. S. in Exercise and Wellness in December 2015

In my early 60's as I was getting near "retirement" age, I gave some thought to what to do in my leisure years. I decided to go back to school. I already had a doctorate, but there is no such thing as too much education, is there?

I had always been interested in fitness, so first I took some courses at the local community college, and the next thing I knew I have an associates degree in Strength, Nutrition, and Personal Training. I got certified as a personal trainer and a Spinning® instructor and went to work part-time at L. A. Fitness. I was 61 years old at the time.

But why stop there? I thought "I could a bachelor's degree in exercise science" and applied to Arizona State University. When I interviewed with the department chair, she said "you already have a doctorate, don't get another bachelor's degree, just come into our master's program." I said O. K. and set to work taking the undergraduate courses in biology, chemistry, and anatomy and physiology that I needed to qualify for the graduate program. Eighteen months later, there I was walking across the stage receiving my M. S. in Exercise and Wellness with a concentration in Healthy Aging.

From there, I received more certifications and continued to work as a personal trainer, group exercise instructor, water aerobics instructor, and wellness coach. I have now at age 72 fully retired, although, who knows, I may go back to work sometime soon.


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