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Three years on a rower

I started rowing 20+ years ago on the water in an eight-person boat. As part of that training, I was introduced to the Concept2 rower. I purchased one while I live in Arizona but sold it when I moved to North Carolina in 2016. During the pandemic, the gym closed or was highly restricted, so I purchased a new rower. After a delay due to the manufacturing slowdown, it arrived in November 2020 and is now three years old. The log tells me that as of today I have rowed 2.9 million meters on this rower. That includes six half-marathon rows. I still have a goal to row a marathon, but have not followed through with that training all the way to the end.

There is no easy access to on-water eight-person or four-person rowing where I live now, so I am confined to the machine. But the machine helped me maintain my fitness and allows me the opportunity to listen to all kinds of music.

At least my rower is not a clothes rack!

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